Social Media: zero control [Podcast]

How much trust do you have in, and how much do you rely on, social media (i.e. the internet)? The reason I bring this up is because on Friday the 3rd of November 2017, the major instant messaging app WhatsApp temporarily went down due to unknown errors. Users all around the world were impacted, including... Continue Reading →


Decolonization at UCT [PODCAST]

The calls for free decolonized education at UCT has gained momentum since 2015. This podcast aims to include a variety of voices on the matter of decolonization at the university. Three groups of people are interviewed; student political activist Masixole Mlandu, a white heterosexual male (anonymous) and a member of the LGBTQ+ community(anonymous). Follow the... Continue Reading →

One factor for ‘SUCCESS’

[DISCLAIMER: This isn't a book review] Some people on this earth have already recognized that they wish to make an observable impact on this planet. I’m referring to a constructive impact of course. But how does one go about starting this long road? A road which such a person desires to create something not only... Continue Reading →

South Africans on Mandela Day

  This is a short movie by Daniel Isaacs & Michael Owen where we’ve approached South African citizens at random, to ask each of them the same four questions that pertain to Mandela Day.   To watch the video click ---> here   How did you respond to these questions? Drop your comments below!

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