Teamwork works wonders

I’ll admit, it is a cliche to say that teamwork is vital to any group, but it cannot be expressed enough. We all have that one person at the back of our mind that tends to works on our nerves from time to time. However annoying they may be, it is imperative to get along with your team – especially at a radio station.

In the radio environment, you’re not only in contact with those in your immediate surrounding. Besides for being around your co-presenters and producers on a daily basis, there are other departments (marketing, administration, production) which will require some form of socializing. Furthermore, guests are continuously coming in and out and you get to meet some extremely interesting individuals. But that’s all for nothing if you’re not able to conduct yourself in a team environment.

Conducting interviews is a big part of radio and if you lack people skills, you will never have an insightful and intriguing interview with your guest. The conversation will remain at the surface, which is unhelpful because as the interviewer, it’s your responsibility to juice out as much relevant content as possible.

Everyone has a reputation behind their name. Unfortunately, a bad one spreads faster. Solution? Be a team player…get a long with everyone. When a problem arises within a team it’s due to a clash of interest. The clash is between one’s personal interest and that of the team’s. The individual doesn’t want to agree upon something because they feel it might compromise them in whatever it may be. In the radio industry, the main objective is to create radio that the listener enjoys. This overarching goal must therefore be resonating in all teammates ears, otherwise you get DJs acting in the interest of their ‘self-brand’.

Alternatively, an individual who works well with everyone is a great asset to your team. In the long run, the benefits will shine through like a diamond in the rough.



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