When passion greets passion

Who would have thought that two years after matric, old high school mates would reunite in a radio studio for the purpose of an interview?

I was the interviewer, whilst a group of 5 school friends, who are now flourishing in the local music industry, popped by the studios to talk a little about how they’ve achieved so much in just two years. It’s mind boggling. But I guess one can expect to find themselves in an environment you’d never thought of when you follow a passion.

The 5 members, who make up the boy-band group Confidential, pulled through on Friday 5th of August just to say ‘howzit’ and let the listeners know that there is a new group in town – and who seem like they’re here to stay [for a while]. We were also lucky to be entertained with a live performance and to play their first single – ‘Way to you’.

The local music industry is without a doubt unforgivably  competitive; but evidently, with the correct team and mindset – that 90% SABC local music quota could soon have to make room for a new and what I’d describe ‘inclusive’ sound.

A genuine congratulations on what @confidentialSA2 has achieved thus far!

To listen to a snippet of what they sounded like, click here.

Trying to capture a selfie with the entire squad whilst they performed live was impossible. But 60% of them should do!

See here for more images of the entire group.


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