Support a friend, not a celeb: how bah dah!?

We all have our favorite celebrity - a role model or someone that we just find 'cool' - may it be an individual from TV, an artist or even a sports personnel. But what is quite strange is that we find ourselves investing unending attention and support to these foreign celebrities whom are often from... Continue Reading →


The power of public speaking

I think it is safe to say that for the majority of us, public speaking is quite a scary thing...yes? I agree. But there is something about it that is highly satisfying. We all remember school orals - trying not catch the attention of the teacher, as to prevent standing up next. Let us not... Continue Reading →

Local is Lit

It is so 'lekker' to see that the local music industry has been growing and improving over every rock over the last year and a bit. Many artists have started to create a real iconic name for themself. One such musician, who I interviewed on the radio, and fortunate enough to attend his Video Remix... Continue Reading →

Stepping into TV

I have been fortunate so far with opportunities that radio has led me to since starting out in 2015. Listening to the latest music, meeting artists and an opening of perception are just some of my experiences to name a few, but the latest one would be stepping into the TV world. I was asked... Continue Reading →

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