The power of public speaking

I think it is safe to say that for the majority of us, public speaking is quite a scary thing…yes? I agree. But there is something about it that is highly satisfying. We all remember school orals – trying not catch the attention of the teacher, as to prevent standing up next. Let us not forget, though, that there is always the small handful of individuals who had absolutely no trouble with it. Truth be told, we all had a sense of envy towards them.

But let’s speak about the power of public speaking.

I am fortunate to work on the radio on a daily basis which allows you to connect with thousands of individuals that I will probably never meet. On the other hand, standing up on stage in front of a crowd of people, however big, is completely different. You can see them, they can see you, there is audience reception and there is no button to play music if/when you run out of things to talk about.

The first few moments of any presentation – may it be a business pitch or a family wedding – are always the most worrying. “Will I mess up”…”What will they think”…”Will I remember what I need to say”…”How do I manage my nerves”…are probably some of the instant thoughts to shudder into your mind. I think no matter how long you have been performing public speeches, you always have the ‘butterflies’ in the opening stages of a presentation, but after you settle in, public speaking actually becomes quite fun and internally satisfying.

As the public speaker of an event, you have a limited amount of power bestowed upon you to relay a message to the audience. A message that can only be transferred after connecting with the crowd. The power in public speaking lies firstly in the fact that the crowd respects the individual in ‘the suit with the microphone’ and with that aura, you can use it to pass on a message to a connected audience. A message which hopefully they will remember and take with them wherever their road takes them.

Let us say for instance, you are speaking in front of 50 leaders from around the world. At the end of your speech, half the people take your message with them. That means 25 individuals go home to different countries and make use of whatever it was that you were talking about. In an instant, your idea grew from a focal point and webbed to different parts of the globe. Is that not a bizarre thought? The potential to transfer positive and constructive content is imminent.

Furthermore, with a live audience, you can get [positive] feedback which is absolutely amazing and a real confidence booster for next time!


[Food for thought] —  I was speaking to a friend about the idea of public speaking.

He said it is very important to do self-reflection and for you to feel happy with how your presentation went. I respected his opinion, but I stood on the stance that for me, it is important for the reflection to come from crowd reception (obviously a combination of both is needed, but the discussion was revolved around one or the other). On what side do you lie, drop a comment below or tweet me.


Why don’t you try it sometime?


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