Support a friend, not a celeb: how bah dah!?

We all have our favorite celebrity – a role model or someone that we just find ‘cool’ – may it be an individual from TV, an artist or even a sports personnel. But what is quite strange is that we find ourselves investing unending attention and support to these foreign celebrities whom are often from the other side of the globe.

Why do we offer up so much of our time and effort to random human beings, thousands of kilometers away, compromising the supporting aid we could make use of elsewhere, like your friend next to you?

It’s a bizarre phenomenon but it happens. I too find myself trying to keep up to date with ‘influential’ people from the bubble known as California. We support those with a silver spoon in their mouth instead of supporting our friends who are in search for a silver spoon.

Why don’t we support our friends like we support celebrities?

We are happy to retweet, like, share, comment, screengrab, follow, bookmark, read up on and donate to a celebrity but are hesitant with those we know. In fact, some people are unhealthily fixated on the Hollywood glitz and glam they forget those in their own Neighborhood. The tides really do need to change…soon.

Let’s create our own pop culture, instead of circulating existing pop culture.

Go out there and support a friend. They need it more than Meryl Streep or Jack Nicholson.


**I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this matter. Please drop your comments below and stay in touch on twitter **


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