One factor for ‘SUCCESS’

[DISCLAIMER: This isn’t a book review]

Some people on this earth have already recognized that they wish to make an observable impact on this planet. I’m referring to a constructive impact of course. But how does one go about starting this long road? A road which such a person desires to create something not only for themselves, but an influential anomaly. Don’t get me wrong, I by no means have the experience to even touch on such a topic. But that being said, there is one factor that I have taken note of – and it may just intrigue you:

The current is comfortable and against it is agonizing.

What I mean by this is that we (and I don’t wish to overgeneralize, but just enough to prove a point, similar to #MenAreTrash) are so quick and content to slide into the closest lane and go with the flow of everyone else. We simply accept the institutional norms. This being the values, ideas, notions, beliefs and routines brought on individuals by large corporations, brands and aesthetic pleasures.

Instead, we should from time to time be bold to think and act against the grain. It is here where recognizable figures once stamped their mark. I have two examples to draw on in this regard; first of which is based on a movie that I watched, Concussion. And a book that I just recently finished Tim Noakes The Quiet Maverick by Daryl Ilbury.

Concussion is based on a true story of Dr Bennet Omalu from Nigeria, who went to the USA and challenged the NFL on the life-threatening consequences which football has on players. I’m not here to unpack the entire story, but in summation, he outright challenged the institutional norm within the world of American Football, and the safety measures we see in sport today is anything but abnormal.

And with a local example, Dr Tim Noakes – who went about deconstructing and eventually rebuilding the contemporary accepted beliefs on diet. Such pioneering does not, however, come without its ‘controversial moments’ like the LCHF tweet he sent out (which by the way he was found fully innocent). But look where it has gotten him. Many discoveries later. Many positively life-changing moments later. He and Dr Omalu are a force in their respective fields, simply because – in my opinion at least – they both have one factor in common: thinking critically of the contemporary situation and not passively accepting institutional norms.

Remember – the current is comfortable and against it is agonizing.

How often do you find yourself crawling the same routine. And thinking back, when was the last time you stepped outside the block – what was its consequence?


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