Decolonization at UCT [PODCAST]

The calls for free decolonized education at UCT has gained momentum since 2015. This podcast aims to include a variety of voices on the matter of decolonization at the university. Three groups of people are interviewed; student political activist Masixole Mlandu, a white heterosexual male (anonymous) and a member of the LGBTQ+ community(anonymous). Follow the... Continue Reading →


One factor for ‘SUCCESS’

[DISCLAIMER: This isn't a book review] Some people on this earth have already recognized that they wish to make an observable impact on this planet. I’m referring to a constructive impact of course. But how does one go about starting this long road? A road which such a person desires to create something not only... Continue Reading →

South Africans on Mandela Day

  This is a short movie by Daniel Isaacs & Michael Owen where we’ve approached South African citizens at random, to ask each of them the same four questions that pertain to Mandela Day.   To watch the video click ---> here   How did you respond to these questions? Drop your comments below!

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