Stepping into TV

I have been fortunate so far with opportunities that radio has led me to since starting out in 2015. Listening to the latest music, meeting artists and an opening of perception are just some of my experiences to name a few, but the latest one would be stepping into the TV world. I was asked... Continue Reading →


The Inclusivity of Sport at UCT

Many of us come to UCT hoping to join a sports team and compete against other universities around the country. But this can be thought to be an unrealistic goal for some due to financial difficulties. Needless to mention the Fees Must Fall movement, which reminds us of the financial inequities. Furthermore, some may say... Continue Reading →

Approaching protesters

"What are students protesting about now?" - sound familiar anyone? Many of us are more than happy complaining about protest action in the comfort of our own home [myself included]. The problem is that we tend to be ignorant of the underlying social inequalities to which protesters are publicizing and make judgment calls based on... Continue Reading →

When passion greets passion

Who would have thought that two years after matric, old high school mates would reunite in a radio studio for the purpose of an interview? I was the interviewer, whilst a group of 5 school friends, who are now flourishing in the local music industry, popped by the studios to talk a little about how... Continue Reading →

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